Keynote from the OuiShare Fest #2014 about Symba

The video from the ouishare Fest just came out, 11 minutes of presenting the shift we need to do toward a world of cooperation!

It was at the end of the afternoon, after a lot of beautiful talks and the room was really warm and sleepy. This is why you see me putting some energy at the beginning to wake the audience up!

I’m describing the 3 pillars of symba :
– transparent flows with decentralised credit creation
– shared governance for dynamic steering : we become master and players of the rules we create
– Symbiotic economy : we can map & identify the organisations creating positive externalities : social, economic & environmental

I also present quickly the crowd crediting, a credit that every citizen would receive and have to vote, dedicate to the projects he or she likes and want to live!

To know more about symba :

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