Project leader in event planning

Responsible and versatile, I want to face the international challenges of the 21st century

High Business School degree | 4 languages | High involvement in school | respect and leadership




2007-2009        President of the BDA:

Leading & optimising the school activity:  80 persons – 90K€ budget.

Teaching project organisation to 120 students (20 hours)

2006-2007        Treasurer  of the BDA: organising, deciding & sharing the 90K€ of the community

2005-2006        Project leader for the Gala – budget 90K€.

                        Webmaster for the student website: administrator & news writer

                        Vice president of the sailing organisation: project leader for a trip week for 35 people: 14K€




Aug.     2008     Universidad Belgrano (Buenos Aires) event assistant at the cultural department

July      2006     Somme Council (departmental organisation) technical staff during a classical music event

May     2006     Printemps des Rues (Art club) Marketing assistant in Paris during a street art event

Sept.     2005     Alcéa Events (Sport Event company) stock-man and seller during the Fed Cup in Paris

Aug.     2005     HEGLA (glass industry) Marketing assistant in Beverungen (Germany)

May     2005     Alcéa Events (Sport Event Company) stock-man for Roland Garros Open in Paris

July      04-05     Games Services (production media company dedicated to digital entertainment)

                        Technical staff & Admin for a video games tournament at Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris



2004-2009         ISTEC, Master in Event organisation at the High Business School specialized in Marketing located in Paris

     >Semester in Argentina (Belgrano) & Mexico (UDLA)

      >Thesis about the evolution of Energy & Environment in the next 20 years

2002-2004       Medicine at the University of Amiens

2002                  A-Level with a specification in science & German specialization



Computer Skills:

French: mother tongue Windows & Linux environment
English: Excellent: TOEFL 555 Pack MS office & Open office
German: Fluent spoken & written Typing & hardware developed skills
Spanish: Fluent spoken & written Network abilities – Website creation


Computer games: Pro gaming-competing at the international level, team-management, news writer.

Hobbies : Basket-Ball, Hockey & Sailing. Blogging, photography & travels. Music: Guitar & piano


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