Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

  • Love from Grenada, españa. Happy last week of 2009 everybody! #
  • RT @artbrock everything interconnected with light,one big neuro-synaptic-system..If we would only became collectivevly aware of this #avatar #
  • May 2010 bring you what you need for you and your beloved to feel, live and share intense and pure joy at every moment. #
  • how can one say he is "self made"? you are the restult of your parents work + the sum of experiences and interaction with other minds. #
  • Retour sur la naissance de l'abondance matérielle sur mon blog: comment nous sommes passés de la rareté à l'abondance: #
  • Le passage clouté a Paris, c'est l'endroit oú tu as le droit de te faire écraser. #
  • How to monetize abundant Internet economy with scarce conventional currencies? #paradox #timeforchange #openmoney #

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