2014 : The Wave is Here

Preparing the biggest event of our live is like waiting for the Wave. Surfers spend most of their time in water, paddling, watching, waiting. They prepare, they train, they spend hours and hours of swimming waiting for the good wave, the one they have been dreaming of. They need to be prepared because when it’s here, it is here.

Like a black swan, it might never come, you might wait for it all your life and dying without having the pleasure to had surfed it. It might never be the one you expected, it might come a day you are not surfing. But if you are here, the day it comes, this will be the biggest wave of your life, the moment you have been waiting and preparing for. The moment you dreamed about every morning when you stood up. The reason why you are alive and living on this earth.

I have been dreaming of a world of cooperation. Radical cooperation.

A world in which competition between businesses doesn’t exist.
A world in which companies collaborate to create useful services for conscious markets.
A world where there is no difference between a citizen, a company & a politics, a world where we all get to work together as a team, as a family, as a tribe, as the different organs of a big body, a world where we paddle together in the same direction.
A world in which nature, animals and the environment is part of us and not perceived as something external : outside of us.
A world in which we respect each other, nature and the animals as I respect my arm, my foot and my friends. Not because I get to pay fees and taxes if I hurt it, but because I can feel empathy, because I can feel united to it, because I know I am part of Nature and Nature is part of me.
A world in which behaviors are not pushed, limited or controlled externally by laws, lobbies and punition, but inner driven by values like integrity, consciousness of the whole and the gold feeling and grace of being Human.
A world where dreams and intuitions are our real motors and compass.
I dream of a world where money is not developing the powers in place and widening the wealth gap between humans but rather a world where money serves as an elastic to keep us close together, where money binds and unites us in a collective mission : develop all life toward coherence and unity.
In this world, there is no work or companies that exist with people that do it for the money. An unbearable boss is not an option anymore and a boss becomes a questionable role. Each action is driven by happiness, driven by the Joy of doing what you like to do. Each day, each moment is created in consciousness that I am the Creator of my life and that I co-create the events that happen to me. I know that my inner state and my happyness create the world that surrounds me. Therefore I know that Happyness is the Truth!

Each day of work is linked to a bigger purpose to contributing to something bigger then just us. Money becomes an accessory because you are already filled and overwhelmed by what you receive when you do what you love. In this world, money becomes just a tool, an indicator for us to rewire the flows of our society depending on the Needs and the Priorities, like blood pressure or heart beat.

A world where you are so passionate about what you are doing that you could get all your friends to join you.
A world where each day of your life is different yet each day of your life is the most amazing day of your life.
A world where you know that each problem, each bug, each situation is an opportunity to grow, to ask help and to progress.

We all have it inside our hearts, we dream of it but many shut down their dreams because of fears or deceptions. Fear of not knowing how to do it, fear of not knowing the consequences.. fear of being hurt again and sad of potentially not succeeding.

2014 is a year of surfing. Whatever your dream is, has been, was, will be, it is time to trust yourself, to dive into the deepest waters to find the jewel, the gift, the purpose of your presence here. Once you have found it, it is time to come back and to offer it to the world, the world needs you. I need you.

I beg you to respect yourself as your respect Nature, I beg you to trust yourself as I trust you, I beg you to harvest your dream and to share it with the world. I need you to thrive, I need us to thrive, each and everyone of us.

I wish for you in 2014 to find your Dream and to share it with the world.

I feel that 2014 is the year of a new dawn : surfers, riders, humans, let’s ride together!
The Wave is Here.

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