Intégrity – something must happen

Initialement posté le 18 janvier 2016 : Integrity – Something must happen.

I thought money was the biggest problem and the deepest architecture of power and that by changing money, even at a small scale we would, and could free ourselves of many of the problems that are crushing our society today piece by piece. I studied international finance & complementary currencies looking for alternatives for the last 7 years and I started a project in the region around Paris that didn’t reach a critical mass.


The problem we face is a simultaneous complexity at many levels. There are many answers and many situations that need to be addressed at the same time. The crisis is global, the answer must be global, but in a networked society, we can only act from our very local level, from the I.

We are facing a triangle of
-> Global consciousness: Global causes, global forces that we are aware of, that we understand the direction to be taken and the political decision that should be taken according to this coherent world vision.
-> INDIVIDUAL SURVIVOR: Local constraints: my rent, my food, my way to « earn my living »: earn the financial means to free myself from Maslow’s first levels of the pyramid: shelter, food, security… to be able to do things that make sense at a very local level in my everyday life.
-> Confidence + Trust: the satisfaction that acting at a local level in the right story has a ripple effect strong enough to satisfy the need of the new world vision and that enough individual will do too and that the right decisions at the top will be taken.

Is this enough? Is my individual action in coherence with a global positive vision enough?
Will it be sufficient for the shift to happen before it’s too late?

While money remains a very powerful architecture that guides the life of many of us, or should I say, the survival of many of us, at a psychological level it is our fears that are leading us to decide, to resign, to support what our souls could call the unbearable. It is not that we are weak, it is just that we are alone, facing a system that is so complex, so strong, and some mechanisms that are so deeply rooted in our system, we are facing demons of fog, ghosts of wind and streams of dust.
We know some aspects of what we criticize and what we should change, but at the individual level, we feel powerless. What can I do against such forces?
Being unconscious of this might seem easier because the fact of knowing and yet, not being able to give a successful answer makes us even weaker, it sometime leads to the destruction of our self-esteem and confidence.
Yet, every action we have that is part of a different story than the one that has been taught to us is a step toward a better future. Every step that is divergent from the voices from society that tell us what is good, what is normal, what is legal and how we should behave is a resistance act. Every little tiny choice that we make that say something different is a victory from the old story. It has a ripple effect that sends a signal to the world that has a double effect: it doesn’t feed the old system and it nourishes the new. Even if it is just one time, it is the first opening of another future.

Every creation of art, expression of ourselves trough music, poetry, writing, video, documentary is an act of communication that brings us closer to a beautiful world.

We need something else.

Solutions arise and do exist already in every field, we know what could be done and how it could be done according to the new story, yet we still fail to get out of the systemic washing machine at a global level. Some countries have tried. Some countries have iconic leaders that gave us temporary relief and strength to see that it is possible but we still fail to get a strong network of resisting country together, we are still very connected but not enough within our own countries boundaries. We are still limited to the old politician game where majority needs to be within a department, a city, a region, while our playground now is the earth.

The game is fake – les dés sont pipés
The system as it is seems undefeatable and too big to fail: governments save the banks that played against us, they save banks with our own money. And at the same time, they protect the companies that are destroying the planet. If we strike, manifest or oppose ourselves to this silly game, in France: we get listed, arrested and may end up in jail. We are trapped between the terrorist violence and the police violence. The power that be are getting sharper and sharper, lobbying, the state & corruption are

Jumping into the Unknown
At the individual level, the only way for me to achieve this path is through inner peace & integrity. The consciousness and the faith that I am ready to be killed to remain faitful to an idea, to an ideal, to a vision. This calls deep in my bones and flesh, in my mind and spirit and asks the question of who I am and what will remain of me. This questions my deep perception of the answer to what do I believe in and why am I here. It doesn’t mean I will die for it, but it means that life without this is deeply corrupted. This questions all the levels of my being and the reason of my choices?

Am I here to enter the boxes the system prepared for me and nourish it with my energy?
Am I here to experience my creativity and imagination to create new structures that free us from this dangerous machine?
Am I capable of creating a different story, feeling that I am part of the great web of life, of a conscious evolution of humanity that needs to rewire its organizations, way of deciding, power links and value system?
Can I feel the call in my body, in my mind, in my blood that begs me and asks to take action for a better life on this planet? A greater respect toward all living things, a sweeter harmony between humans and a strong posture against the unbearable?
Am I ready to take that leap?
Am I alone?

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