Running for TED Prize, I have a Wish

Following my TEDx Talk in La Défense 14th June, Didier Chambaretaud got me motivated and proposed me to do the TED Prize competition 2013. After taking my time and thinking how to enter this new challenge, here is my choice in this new path.

About TED Prize

Individuals give their inspiring Wish to change the world and an action plan to make it real in 3 years. There is 1 million$ to win in order to help the project’s development. What is expected from these extraordinary individuals : vision, charisma, leadership & pragmatism. The wish needs to be ambitious. These individuals need a distinguished Trackrecord aswell as an existing organisation to develop the Wish :

My Wish is to empower Humanity to create diversified monetary systems, guided, set-up, controlled by Human Holistic Values.

In order to develop this creative idea, the project must be collaborative and extend your own work. TED & the different communities will help create the project core infrastructure. The 3 biggest criterias are past accomplishments, Strength of the Wish & the Execution Plan.

There are two ways to get nominated : proposed yourself or get proposed by other people. As I’m young and new in this kind of projects, I need your help : I’m asking you to propose me for the TED Prize 2013.

Etienne @ La Défense

One of the specificity required in order to win is collaborative work, I think I’ve shown this already with my work in my business school where i was in lead of the clubs. I also covered this part with all my video games activities. My last actions in this kind of field is all I created with SEML (Sweet Electronic Music Lovers), this Music community driven by a spirit & the community.

I might be young but I believe in what I do. I might be young but I believe in who I am. I might be young but I know the strenght of my wish, there is nothing more powerful to me then heal humanity in its illness about money and monetary system. We need to find back Values, to set these values together, to speak about it, to define and configure systems that respect us, humans aswell as the Earth.

We need to transcend our fear of not having enough. There is enough on this earth for us all :  we need to open our eyes to see it, open our brains to organize it and open our hearts to share it.

I might be young, but the cause I’m carrying can’t wait.

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Your vote can contribute to show my motivation and my ability to convince people.
I hope you can support me and the cause of diversified monetary systems!

Here is the link to the page to nominate me. Choose your own reference and link the video you want, I’m not running for quantity, just for authentic & qualitative support.

It is essential to me and it makes me infinitely happy to walk on this path.
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.
Etienne Zoupic

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